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Holistic Fertility Coach Ashely Holmes to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Holistic Fertility Coach Ashely Holmes to be Featured on Close Up Radio

KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, December 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you read the Holistic Fertility Coaching website, you will learn some startling numbers about infertility in the US and even worse in Ashley Holmes’ Canada. Ashley herself was nearly one of those statistics about 13 years ago. She tried the traditional clinical route because it was all that she knew but was still anxious about striving to conceive. When she finally did, it was a high-risk pregnancy, birthing experience, and postpartum period.

All that Ashley learned about relaxing, shifting negative thoughts to positive ones, and focusing her energy, not only helped her to turn things around, but it actually became her avocation. Today she is the owner of a wellness practice that encompasses Reiki, assorted styles of Yoga and energy medicine disciplines.

“Women have to learn to treat their bodies like the sacred vessel that it is. Achieving true nourishment by returning the body to a balanced and aligned state. It is empowering to shift the locus of control internally and can make all the difference, creating a space for something else to thrive.”

Ashley notes that women, particularly those with fertility issues, often feel defeated, lost or broken. She helps them rewire their thought process in a way that can create emotional and physical balance and help them choose the existence they want. Women learn to navigate obstacles, think positively, set priorities and sometimes just breathe.

Ashley knows that health is not a single piece but involves true mind/body/spirit connection and a whole state of well-being. By addressing all aspects of a person, Ashley can bring them to a place of wholeness, happiness, and health, and open to new possibilities. When it comes to health, this can be about infertility or a number of other stress-related and physical ailments. Every concern is addressed on an energetic level, and the treatment is customized to the individual’s energy, stress, and inborn constitution.

Ashley is certified in Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki (Level II) and other techniques to isolate and release blocked energy. What she once learned is a daily practice for her clients as well as herself. She now has three children, twins who are 10 and a 5-year-old. Taking breaks from the kids and making time to regulate are as important for her now as back when she was trying to have a child.

Ashley notes that the relaxation and balance techniques she teaches can help at every stage of pregnancy, including delivery (a more open channel) and restoration after (due to a C-Section or new mother exhaustion.) Focusing on the mom, as well as the baby, is a different health mission, and she is glad to be part of the dynamic change.

Ashley offers her services, which also include Ayurvedic medicine, online via Zoom and on the health and wellness platform ViBLY.

She has also published much of her wise advice in downloadable guides and articles in Brainz Magazine. With her help, dozens of women have traded dark stagnant energy to a life filled with clarity, focus, high energy, balance and success.

Learn more about Ashley’s personal fertility journey and wellness coaching in her upcoming radio chat.

Close Up Radio will feature Ashley Holmes in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday, December the 6th at 3:00pm EST

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If you have questions for our guest, please call 347-996-3389

For more information about Ashley and her work please visit: https://holisticfertilitycoachinc.my.canva.site

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