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Vicki Baird of Intuitive Compass Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Vicki Baird of Intuitive Compass Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DELANSON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Feeling unhappy seems pervasive these days, and Vicki Baird’s specialty is helping you find and define what happiness means to you. She explains that “Our collective state of unhappiness is part of an evolutionary process that the 2020 lockdown compounded and drove the message home. Most of us are done with BS and want truth.”

Vicki Baird is an Intuitive Life Coach who understands that Intuition is everyone’s gift. The problem, as she sees it, is that too many of us have been conditioned or taught not to acknowledge or, worse, completely forget our gift.

“My greatest challenge as a coach is getting clients to understand the version of them that I see is not only possible, it is probable. Most people don’t recognize their brilliance, and I often have to move a client’s self-perception incrementally until they can.”

Vicki has worked hard to remember her gift. “As a child, I was the problem solver who saw solutions. My parents actually leaned on me, perhaps a little bit too much. I would extort my siblings for money because I knew when they were up to stuff. I like to think extorting my siblings was my entrepreneurial beginning.

I kept telling my mom, ‘We have to open that wall; there is something in the wall.’ She told me I was nuts. Years later, while remodeling, letters from World War II were discovered. My older sister researched and found the families.”

Working with individuals and business owners, Vicki introduces clients to themselves. “We all have this knowledge when we are born. Intuition can be enhanced— but first, it has to be remembered.”

With business owners, Vicki explains how the work impacts the entire company with a trickle down effect. She doesn’t need to know anything about the particular industry as she intuitively sees when a system is psychically out of balance.

“I’ve been working with a construction company owner for over four years. He came to me with marital challenges, but I felt intuitively compelled to ask, ‘Okay, but what’s going on with your company? We have to talk about that!’ That’s when I learned his company was in debt and he was understandably stressed.

“Some of our work is practical… like human resource challenges. Much of our work is with energy. I can feel when a client’s energy is out of whack and work to bring the client back to balance. As of 2023, the construction company was bringing in $3M in profits, with 112 happy employees contributing to the community. By addressing the company’s challenges, marital issues could then be addressed.”

Vicki also helps business owners save money by hiring the right person. With only the applicant’s name, Vicki intuitively assesses the applicant and then looks at the resume. “Often, a resume does not accurately depict the applicant’s potential, and I’ll recommend that my client ask the applicant specific questions. I am not afraid to override a resume entirely, as resume writing skills are often not the best indication of the right person for a given position.”

Vicki explains that her greatest successes are when clients understand that they matter. External success is not a requirement of feeling successful. “I always joked that I never had to do drugs because when others know their worth through our work, it is my contact high,” Vicki laughs.

Vicki is fascinated with the brain. “We are in body to merge soul with physical wiring.” Our intuitive side is lovely, but we also have grey matter. Conscious Circuitry, a practice Vicki has developed, is the release of beliefs that no longer serve you followed by the installation of truthful beliefs that do support you. In sessions, Vicki works with a client to develop statements that shift the brain in ways that support the client.

Vicki explains, “While going through this process can be challenging, I’m right there with you!” After a shift, clients have reported a feeling of tranquility. The process is similar to EFT, Tapping, CBT, EMDR, and Mindfulness practices. All of these practices release energy on a physical level, with Conscious Circuitry standing out as it acknowledges and includes the soul. Unlike some other practices, Conscious Circuitry doesn’t have to go into the story, so that it can be less triggering, and clients can practice at home after one session.

As Vicki explains, “I’m not looking to create clients who are dependent on me. I teach clients how to shift their own neural pathways. And when clients learn how to shift neural pathways on their own, they create a ripple effect for those around them.”

Conscious that clients come from all economic backgrounds, Vicki offers something for everyone. She has a free weekly podcast at https://www.vickibaird.com/podcast, along with individual and bundled worksheets (with a live event) starting at $17. Wisdom Wednesday Group is a monthly hour-long event where Vicki discusses one topic, for example, The Judge that Lives Within Us. “Wisdom Wednesday is a fluid group who supports each other, we laugh a lot, and everyone goes home with practical and fun exercises to do or not, their choice.” You don’t have to come to the live event; it’s also available as a recording.

She also offers extensive life individual coaching plans.

“The Vicki Baird Community is a free app available from my website, www.vickibaird.com, where everyone can ask questions, and I’ll pop in to answer. It’s a place where people can go to not get caught in the algorithm of social media. “I like to pick one word as a theme each year; in 2024, my word is Community, so I’ve created one.”

Close Up Radio News will feature Vicki Baird in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday, March 25th at 12 p.m. Eastern.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information about Vicki Baird and Intuitive Compass Coaching, please visit https://www.vickibaird.com

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