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Verity One Launches VERITY ONE TRUTH Token and Mobile App in 2024


Product Recall

Product Recall

Verity One’s 2024 launch of the VERITY ONE TRUTH Token and Truth Mobile Scanning App, a leap in blockchain and AI for product transparency and consumer trust

CHEYENNE, WY, USA, December 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Verity One Ltd., headquartered at 1 Calle Washington, Solemar 4A, San Juan, PR 00907, proudly unveils the launch of its AI and Blockchain-based VRTY TRUTH Token and the pre-release of the Verity One Truth Mobile Scanning App as we step into 2024.
These innovations are a testament to our commitment to the TRUTH MATTERS ethos and the Made in USA Certified® legacy since 2001.

Available at https://madeinusa.verity.one, the VERITY ONE TRUTH Token and the mobile app, accessible at https://app.verity.one, represent revolutionary steps in product validation and consumer trust. Incorporating a values-based AWARE Score marks a new era in ensuring product integrity and ethical standards, especially in areas like Baby Formula Tracking and Recall Notification.

The VRTY TRUTH Token and the mobile scanning app are more than just digital assets; they symbolize Verity One’s dedication to transparency and accountability. By providing clear, blockchain-verified paths from production to purchase, they ensure consumers have access to reliable and truthful information about the products they choose, particularly vital for baby formula.

As Verity One continues to innovate in ethical business practices, the VRTY TRUTH Token and the mobile app set new benchmarks in the industry, reflecting our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and origin, endorsed by the Made in USA Certified® seal.

For more information about Verity One Ltd., the transformative VRTY TRUTH Token, and the mobile app, please visit our main website at https://verity.one.

Contact: Adam Reiser, CEO & Founder [email protected]

Adam Reiser Founder
Verity One Ltd.
email us here

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/677689670/verity-one-launches-verity-one-truth-token-and-mobile-app-in-2024

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