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Unveiling ‘P.T.S.D.: Putting the Story Down’

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Author with a Master’s degree from NYU in New York City

Saundra Russell “aka STaR’s” Extraordinary Tale of Resilience, Compassion, and Transformation

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, October 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — — Saundra, a 50+ year dedicated registered nurse, former registered dietitian/nutritionist, and multi-award-winning poet, warmly invites readers on an emotional journey through her book, “P.T.S.D. ‘Putting the Story Down”, sharing an extraordinary story of resilience, compassion, and healing.

In this remarkable book, Saundra’s narrative unfolds the poignant tale of a World War II veteran’s life, encompassing two months of hospitalization, his voice stifled by the haunting echoes of war. Initially diagnosed with shell shock, a common affliction among WWII veterans. This story takes a different course, thanks to an observant and compassionate night shift charge registered nurse who remarkably turned two months into two weeks of hospitalization.

Saundra’s books reveal the transformative power of empathy and poetry, emphasizing that writing can be as healing as speaking about the traumatic experiences one endures. The veteran’s path to recovery, guided by Saundra’s instructions on crafting short poems, serves as a beacon of hope for those dealing with unresolved trauma.

“Trauma Held Within Is a Poison. ‘Let It Out-Let It Go!'” – This is Saundra’s words that resonate as she shares her personal battles with fibromyalgia, MS, chronic sciatica, and dyslexia. Her journey towards solace and relief through poetry underscores the therapeutic potential of creative expression.

Saundra, affectionately known as STaR, her initials, boasts an impressive background, including a Master’s degree from NYU and certification as an image consultant. Her rich history of working with veterans at the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION Hospital in New York and Arizona spans over two decades, reflecting her deep dedication to this noble cause. She strives to “give back to this population who means so much to me – our HERO’s.”

Through her captivating storytelling and innovative approach to healing, Saundra encourages readers to embrace their personal journeys of transformation and self-discovery. ” P.T.S.D. ‘Putting the Story Down” is not merely a book; it’s a lifeline for those seeking healing, inspiration, and connection. Saundra affirms, “Writing Is as Healing as Talking About the Traumatic Events Seen or Experienced,” and her books stand as testaments to this truth.

Now retired in Arizona, Saundra, originally from New York City, was born in Harlem and resided in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Washington Heights. She is a 73-year-old African-American registered nurse, former registered dietitian/nutritionist, and former member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Saundra, along with her Italian-American Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach husband, Peter, proudly calls themselves ‘THE TESORIERE RN DUO.’

Saundra has also published four other books and has her poems in many compilation books including the ‘Best Poets of the Year’ for the past twenty years and inclusions in ‘Who’s Who in American Poetry’ 2021 & 2023.

As a multi-award-winning, published poet, Saundra’s work, including with “MY MOST MEMORABLE VETERAN” (included in the book) being one, has received acclaim. Despite lifelong dyslexia and chronic vision challenges, she has earned a well-deserved place in the Poetry fest Hall of Fame. Her diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to the well-being of veterans have endeared her to the community.

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Book Trailer: P.T.S.D.: Putting The Story Down By Saundra T. Russell

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