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“The Situation” Becomes “The Inspiration” after “The Publication”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s Shocking Tell-All Heralded For Honesty, Humor, and Heart

An ultimately triumphant remembrance.”

— Kirkus Reviews

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, January 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “The Situation” may be a name that rings a loud bell in the minds of American reality TV lovers, but these days, Mike Sorrentino is standing out in popular conversation for something a little different than his R-rated exploits on Jersey Shore. Sorrentino’s newly-released memoir, “Reality Check: Making the Best of The Situation-How I Overcame Addiction, Loss, and Prison” has taken over the celebrity gossip pages with its tales of the author’s crippling drug addiction, decadent sexual escapades, prison stories, and subsequent journey to sobriety and fatherhood on the way to inspiring millions dealing with addiction.

“Reality Check” details Mike’s intoxicated run-ins with celebrities like The Rock, Robert Downey Jr., Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lil Wayne, while revealing behind the scenes tidbits from the set of Jersey Shore like the fact that “girls” was code for “pills” and Mike was suffering through opiate withdrawals during his infamous fight with Ronnie in Italy.

“So, for example, if [my friend] The Unit told me he was bringing five girls to the club that night, I knew I was getting a fifty pack,” Mike writes in his book of how he would smuggle narcotics on set. “Once we established a code and rendezvous, the next trick would be the handoff. Easier said than done. MTV assigned an army to watch over me that season.” Or, describing his headspace before he headbutted a wall during the fight with Ronnie: “By the time I hit day three of my involuntary detox in Italy, I was crawling the walls. I couldn’t sleep. No longer high for the first time in more than a year, I fruitlessly ducked for cover as all my buried emotions and fears came shooting up in a sea of depression, anxiety and anger.”

With plenty of behind-the-scenes gossip from Mike’s heyday as a Hollywood insider, “Reality Check” is an eye-opening but honest look at what really goes on in the wild lives of our favorite celebrities. During the peak of his stardom, Mike was battling extreme drug addiction and had to fight for sobriety for years before he could become the family man and aspirational figure he is today.

Mike was recently featured in People, MSN, and TMZ for the bombshells dropped in “Reality Check.” “The guy has lived a lot of life, and has been through a lot as well … thankfully, he’s 8 years sober and ready to share his story honestly with fans. Lots to unpack here, no doubt,” writes TMZ about the book that Kirkus called “an ultimately triumphant remembrance.”

Mike is in the midst of a nationwide press and book signing tour, with recent stops on The Megyn Kelly Show, ABC’s Nightline, CNN, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood, as well as scheduled book signings in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey.

“Reality Check” is out now everywhere books are sold. For additional information, quotes, interview requests, or copies, please email [email protected]

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