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New Pro-Life Children’s book about a hero with Down Syndrome for National Down Syndrome Awareness Day

New Pro-Life Children’s book about a hero with Down Syndrome for National Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Pro-Life Children’s Book

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Deogratias Company


World Down Syndrome Awareness Day has a new hero, his name is Super J and his power is love.

A new mascot of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day is flying into the hearts of readers young and old.

Super J, a child with Down syndrome was made with a particular mission from God, and that is to show the world the power of love.

In Super J and the Power of Love, readers not only see the joy Super J brings into the world, but the courage and bravery of his mom.

She battles an evil villain who tries to convince her that, “Super J should not be born!” Keeping him safe inside, he can be born, beginning his mission of encountering others in a broken world, and healing hearts by the power of love.

Readers not only love the colorful illustration, but also love that a child with Down syndrome is drawn so that they can see themselves represented in the beautiful pages. Amy, an Amazon customer says, “This book is a one-of-a-kind treasure. I purchased it for a neighbor with Down syndrome, and he cried.” Parent Gregory Smith writes, “I love being able to read this to my young children and teach them about the worthiness of every child. This book is enjoyed by children AND adults.” This book earns praise for its simple message and loveable hero. Super J is so special because he is based on a real young man.

This work was originally written for Jackson, a little boy with Down syndrome. When the author, Jennifer Nelson, met him she was moved by how much Jackson enjoyed life. He brought joy to everyone he met. He was going in for surgery at ten years old, and Jennifer had the idea of writing him a book to help ease his fears. She never intended this book to be published, but after reading about the abortion rates of Down syndrome children around the world, she knew something needed to be done. She sent the book to an illustrator who was so moved by the story that he took on the project right away. He saw this wasn’t just a book, it was a mission. The mission is to change hearts towards the unborn child with Down syndrome.

This is the first of its kind book in the pro-life movement. In this day and age when young people look to celebrities, sports figures or musical artists as their heroes, this pro-life book shows that the real heroes are those that love unconditionally. Amy Suzanne Upchurch, founder and CEO of Pink Stork and mother of a baby with Down syndrome says, “I love this book! As a mom to a 6-month-old with Down syndrome, and 5 older children, it is so important to strive for an inclusive society and this book is a great story on the power of individuals with Down syndrome and the beauty they contribute to the world. I love having a children’s book so I can share with all my kids that is so meaningful to our family.”

This book is a book with heart, so the author is contributing ten percent of her sales to Hearts of Joy International, and organization that provides lifesaving heart surgeries to individuals with Down syndrome.

With World Down Syndrome Awareness Day quickly approaching on March 21st, check out https://deogratiasco.com/product-listing/super-j-and-the-power-of-love/ you’re interested in getting Super J and the Power of Love.

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