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Love’s Guest Book Cover

Author Marc Aronoff

Profound and simple. Marc Aronoff has uncovered a hidden spiritual gem of Divine Love. May these powerful words impact our world so in need of that love.

The recovery of the work of a great woman mystic who is writing about God, which is to say, about Love. Beautiful, profound and mysterious, her 15th-century sensibility still speaks to us today.”

— Father James Martin

RHINEBECK, NY, USA, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Monkfish Publishing is proud to announce the release of the inspirational book LOVE’S GUEST: REFLECTIONS OF INSPIRATION AND WONDER by Saint Catherine of Genoa, Edited by award winning author Marc Aronoff. With color illustrations by Jan Richardson. Available online and at all major bookstores.

In LOVE’S GUEST, the little known female mystic Saint Catherine of Genoa reveals her mystical revelations of Divine Love that express her passion and longing for experiencing love in everyday life. The book explores themes of Divine Love in our daily relationship with ourself and others.

This beautifully illustrated Annotated Selection from Saint Catherine’s Spiritual Dialogues, a classic of Christian literature describing the Italian mystic’s spiritual transformation, includes a reflection workbook to encourage a deepening of love and understanding in our own lives. Freshly edited and revised for the modern reader, Saint Catherine speaks of Love as Spirit, God, and Human existence in a voice simultaneously profound and simple.

Saint Catherine of Genoa’s life story is fascinating. Born Caterina Fieschi Adornoi in 1447, into a distinguished God loving family in Genoa, Italy, Catherine was married at a young age to a Genoese nobleman. To her dismay he turned out to be a violent tempered, faithless, spendthrift. Five years into this depressive marriage a miracle occurred and her heart was pierced by the presence of God. Her life and expression was never the same and today her writings have touched the hearts of millions. Perhaps the greatest miracle of all was her husband’s complete change upon witnessing Catherine’s transformation and his joining her to serve at the local hospital during a time of plague.

Marc Aronoff, MA, LMHC (Author) is a psychotherapist, and award-winning playwright. After completing his BA in The Interpretation of Literature at Northwestern University, Marc lived abroad where he wrote for film and theatre. Marc’s drama, The Lantern Bearers, has won several awards, attracting an international audience, and was translated into Italian in 2021. Marc has published feature articles with several national publications and has worked as a ghostwriter with authors from around the world.

Jan Richardson (Illustrator) is an artist, writer, and ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. She serves as director of The Wellspring Studio, LLC, and has traveled widely as a retreat leader and conference speaker. With work described by the Chicago Tribune as “breathtaking,” she has attracted an international audience drawn to the spaces of welcome, imagination, and solace that she creates in both word and image. Jan’s books include The Cure for Sorrow, Night Visions, In the Sanctuary of Women, and the recently released Sparrow: A Book of Life and Death and Life.




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