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Museums Are Misleading Both Children and Adults TV Miniseries Reveals

Museums Are Misleading Both Children and Adults TV Miniseries Reveals

Misleading museum display of dinosaur life (May 2024, St. Louis Science Center). Modern-appearing birds, reptiles, and mammals have been falsely omitted.

Museums have left these modern animals (ducks, penguins, box turtles, boa constrictors, owls, flamingos, opossums) out of their dinosaur displays which gives the false impression that dinosaur life was different

Museums leave these modern animals out of their dinosaur displays, which gives the false impression that dinosaur life was different.

Photo of fossil lobster found next to dinosaur and modern lobster but both look the same.

The animals found next to dinosaurs look like modern creatures but scientists rename them, giving the false impression that animal species changed.

Dr. Michel Brunet sitting at desk with a copy of the Toumai skull on the desk. He was accused by his colleague, Dr. Alain Beauvilain, of fraud.

Dr. Brunet was accused by his colleague Dr. Alain Beauvilain of hiding the Toumai “ape-man” femur for 17 years, and misrepresenting the details of the discovery.

The skull of Neanderthal Man from La Chapelle-aux-Saints that Dr. Boule moved the foramen magnum in order to fraudulently create an ape-man

Scientists at the National Museum of Natural History in France accused their colleague Dr. Boule of moving the foramen magnum on this famous Neanderthal skull found at La Chapelle-aux-Saints, France.

Authenticity of Natural History Museums Now Under Scrutiny

The opossums of our woods would have been at home in Mesozoic [dinosaur times] times. Likewise, the duck-billed platypus and
echidna, now of the Australian region, would not have been out of place.”

— Dr. Mary Dawson, Paleontologist, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — For more than 20 years, scientists have known that dinosaurs lived with modern-appearing animals but have failed to portray this critical information to the public. To this day, museums falsely portray dinosaurs living in an archaic, extinct world, even though leading paleontologists are aware this is a false narrative. In reality, T. Rex and other dinosaurs have been found with ducks, parrots, flamingos, owls, penguins, albatross, loons, iguanas, frogs, opossums, hedgehogs, duck-billed platypus, boa constrictors, lobsters, crawfish, flounder, salmon, orange roughy, sardines, mayflies, and crickets, just to mention a few. But at today’s leading natural history museums, modern types of animals (ducks, boa constrictors, flamingos, opossums) are not displayed alongside the dinosaurs, creating the illusion of evolution and misleading countless school-age children.

Also, for more than 20 years, natural history museums have displayed ape-men that were created by paleoanthropologists under fraudulent circumstances. Ape-men currently displayed in museums with a fraudulent basis include Homo habilis (three skulls fraudulently enlarged by Dr. Phillip Tobias), Turkana Boy (face altered by Richard Leakey to make it look like an ape), Neanderthal Man (foramen magnum moved by Dr. Marcellin Boule to make it look like an ape), Lucy (pelvis altered by Dr. Don Johanson’s team to make it human like), Homo rudolfensis (face altered by Richard Leakey to make it look human), and Toumai (foramen magnum moved by Dr. Michel Brunet to make it appear more human).

These two egregious museum discrepancies have been revealed for the first time in a new made for TV miniseries entitled Evolution: The Grand Experiment. The producer, Dr. Carl Werner, and his wife Debbie Werner detected these problems as they traveled 300,000 miles to five continents, interviewing over 100 scientists at 24 dig sites. This series was only made possible because they took more than 200,000 photographs along the way (at the dig sites, universities, and museums where the original fossils are located). When they compared their fossil photographs from the dinosaur layers to modern animals and plants, they were indistinguishable. Similarly, when they compared their photographs of original ape-man fossils (stored in the vaults of the national museums) to published photographs of ape-men, fraud was obvious. The producer concludes that the 100 natural history museums of the world that he visited are out of date, and like the dinosaurs, archaic.

Now, the question is raised, “Will the top natural history museums of the world remove their fraudulent displays? Or will they be allowed to present misleading information to the public indefinitely?”

Dr. Werner (Summa cum laude, Biology, University of Missouri) is an award-winning filmmaker, biologist, and physician and is the author of the popular book series entitled Evolution: The Grand Experiment. Both the book and video series may be accessed from TheGrandExperiment.com website.

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Dr. Ron Clarke from The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, accuses his colleague Dr. Phillip Tobias of ape-man fraud

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/708119593/museums-are-misleading-both-children-and-adults-tv-miniseries-reveals

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