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Love Blooms Amidst War in Richard Meredith’s Historical Romance Novel

A Sound Like Thunder

Richard Meredith

“A Sound Like Thunder” depicts perils of the heart and the battlefields of 19th century America

VIMEIRO, PORTUGAL, January 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The last British campaign in North America between 1813 and 1815 was a defining moment for both the United States and Great Britain, where the former came to its own as a military power and the latter reached the limits of its colonial aspirations. In this seldom depicted period, author Richard Meredith’s “A Sound Like Thunder” takes readers to see life – and love – unfold for two separate couples and their families on both sides of the conflict.

“A Sound Like Thunder” is a historical romance novel following two separate couples and their families, one is American and the other is British. Their perspectives show different sides of the British campaign, including the Battle of New Orleans. This occurred in parallel with the Napoleonic Wars and saw the British Empire stretched to its limits while the United States emerged as a formidable military power on par with their European counterparts.

Aside from a clash between a fledgeling nation and a great imperial power, Meredith shows readers how life was like for everyday people, contrasting the cultures of the nascent United States and the established British culture, as well as those of the Spanish and French colonial cultures along the Gulf Coast region.

An established historical non-fiction author, Meredith’s first ever fictionalized narrative immerses his readers in the era, going beyond military factoids and battlefield action, to portray how cultural frictions resulted in bonds forming between some groups, while alienating others. This formative period would have ramifications, far reaching results that would be evident for many years after. Meredith depicts what he believes happened in the period that caused those results, depicting this through the perspectives of his protagonists in their respective societies.

Avid fans of period dramas, romances and historical fiction will be in for a treat with “A Sound Like Thunder,” Meredith’s engaging well-researched narrative that will take them back to a defining period of the United States and the colonial powers of Great Britain, Spain and France.

About the Author

Richard Meredith has four previous historical non-fiction books in print. “A Sound Like Thunder” is his first fictionalized account detailing events occurring along the Gulf Coast region of North America.

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