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Hong Kong Triumphs with Three Awards at the 2023 World Spine Day Competition

Hong Kong Triumphs with Three Awards at the 2023 World Spine Day Competition

CDAHK has published a comprehensive book featuring contributions from its esteemed members’ cases

WSD Award

The CDAHK Book addressing various chiropractic conditions and emphasizing the critical nature of spinal health.

The CDAHK Book addressing various chiropractic conditions and emphasizing the critical nature of spinal health.

Hong Kong Chiropractor received WFC's International Board of Chiropractic Examiners (IBCE) Poster Research Award

Hong Kong Chiropractor received WFC’s International Board of Chiropractic Examiners (IBCE) Poster Research Award

Hong Kong College of Chiropractic (McTimoney Chiropractic College)

Hong Kong College of Chiropractic (McTimoney Chiropractic College)

The Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) proudly announces Hong Kong’s significant achievement at the World Spine Day 2023 Competition

HONG KONG, CHINA, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) is delighted to announce a remarkable achievement for Hong Kong at the globally acclaimed World Spine Day (WSD) Competition, securing three of the eight distinguished awards presented this year. This success underscores the city’s unwavering commitment to combating spinal health issues, which affect an estimated 540 million people worldwide at any given moment.

A Global Health Priority
Spinal pain and disability have emerged as more prevalent concerns than many chronic diseases, demanding urgent attention from healthcare providers, governments, and communities. The #MOVEYOURSPINE campaign, the theme for World Spine Day 2023, calls for a global commitment to improving access to quality spine care, especially in underserved regions, to prevent the chronicity and permanent deformity caused by untreated spinal conditions.

Awards and Recognition
The CDAHK has proudly received the Second Prize in the Association Category, a recognition that reflects its dedication to public education and the advancement of chiropractic care. The association had lead many spinal research and it’s initiatives and contributions to spinal health have been instrumental in furthering awareness and treatment standards [1-10].

The Children’s Chiropractic Foundation has been awarded the Championship in the Education Institutes Category for its Children’s Initiative. The foundation’s extensive outreach, which involved events at 192 kindergartens and 124 elementary schools, engaged over 1800 children. These activities were designed to foster the development of healthy spinal habits from a young age, promoting lifelong well-being.

In the Private Clinic Category, the New York Medical Group (NYMG) was honored with a High Commendation for its innovative integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public education about spinal health. NYMG’s pioneering approach to healthcare dissemination represents a significant stride forward in the field.

“During the past years, CDAHK chiropractors had reported over 100 cases at the leading medical journals. Aligned with the World Spine Day’s message, the CDAHK has published a comprehensive book contributed by its distinguished doctors, to spread knowledge on chiropractic conditions and the significance of maintaining spinal health”, said by Dr Jacky Yueng, Public Relation Committee of CDAHK.

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) hosts its annual World Spine Day competition every year. Dr. Dani Weisner, co-chair of the World Spine Day organizing committee, remarked, “Public health initiatives like World Spine Day are critical in raising awareness, providing information, and empowering the public to care for their spines.” Dr. Rebekah Wilks, co-chair of the WSD committee, added, “We were thrilled with yet another year of energy and innovation. Our competition entrants were all incredibly ingenious, and we loved the way in which WFC member associations, educational institutions, and private clinics all threw themselves into the spirit of World Spine Day.”

“Hong Kong’s chiropractic community has shown a consistent pattern of excellence, having received 24 World Spine Day awards since 2013. This year we had Hong Kong College of Chiropractic established. And the awards to an impressive track record of recognition for the city’s devotion to spine health education and patient care”, shared by Dr Eric Chu, Chairman of CDAHK. Chu recieved the highest lifetime honor at the 17th WFC Biennial Congress and was named as the world’s most prodigious authors of case reports.

The CDAHK, the CCF, and the NYMG have been recurrent recipients of these prestigious awards, showcasing their ongoing efforts and achievements in improving spine health. The CDAHK appreciates the global recognition of its efforts and remains committed to fostering a healthier future for Hong Kong’s communities. Through education, innovation, and professional excellence, the association continues to lead the way in spine health advocacy.

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