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From Page to Picture: Maria Liviero’s “Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3” Sets Sights on Hollywood

From Page to Picture: Maria Liviero’s “Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3” Sets Sights on Hollywood

Maria Liviero – Author

Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3

Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3

Kew Media Advertising LLC

Kew Media Advertising LLC

A Profound Journey Into Human Nature and Redemption Comes Alive

An Odyssey of the Soul Worthy of the Silver Screen””

— A. Barbera – Film Critic

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a groundbreaking move for the world of literature and film, “Why We Make Bad Choices” by the celebrated author Maria Liviero is being adapted into a screenplay. This adaptation aims to capture Hollywood’s imagination, with Kew Media steering the ship in managing and selling the film rights. Liviero’s work, known for its deep dive into the psyche of human behavior and decision-making, is poised to transform into a documentary film that promises to challenge, enlighten, and inspire audiences worldwide.

Maria Liviero, an award-winning author with an illustrious background in psychology, psychotherapy, and a deep understanding of human nature’s complexities, brings to the table a narrative that is as compelling as it is enlightening. “Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3” delves into the symbolic and psychological underpinnings of our decisions, using the allegorical journey of Eve in a parallel universe to explore the depths of the human condition.

As Kew Media embarks on the journey to bring Liviero’s visionary work to the silver screen, the core messages of the book—embracing our shadows, transcending the ego, and the importance of self discovery—promise to resonate deeply with a global audience. This documentary film is not merely an adaptation but a bold exploration of what it means to confront and overcome the darker sides of ourselves.

Maria Liviero’s path to becoming a significant voice in contemporary literature is a testament to her dedication to exploring the darker facets of human nature and the potential for transformation and healing. Her academic prowess combined with her personal experiences has shaped a narrative that is both personal and universal, encouraging readers and now viewers, to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing.

“Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3” is a meticulously crafted work that offers an alternative perspective on our relationship with the divine, the nature of good and evil, and the impact these forces have on our sense of self and decision-making processes. Through the narrative of Eve, Liviero illustrates the internal struggles and enlightenment that come from confronting our inner demons and reconnecting with our true selves.

The book’s profound impact has been recognized and celebrated with awards and accolades, including a Reader’s Favorite Award and 5-star ratings from Literary Titan, Book Review Directory, and LoveReading, underscoring its significance in contemporary discussions on psychology, spirituality, and personal growth.

As the film adaptation of “Why We Make Bad Choices in Modern-Day Genesis 1-3” moves forward, the anticipation for a documentary that explores the very fabric of human nature is palpable. Maria Liviero and Kew Media are poised to deliver a cinematic experience that promises not just to tell a story, but to ignite a transformational journey in viewers around the globe.

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