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For Pride Month, Mental Health Professionals Offer Parenting Help

Parenting is a hard job under the best of circumstances. It can be especially confusing if that parent is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the world of LGTBQIA+ and their child is asking questions they feel unprepared to address. On June 27, a panel of legitimate professionals will allow parents to anonymously ask their most concerning questions in real time.

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How to nourish LGBTQIA+ kids

A local mental health practice will soon give the public a chance to ask their tough parenting questions. On June 27th, 2024, Lifescapes Counseling Associates is presenting their third in a series of educational webinars, presented via video in an interactive, question and answer format. “Navigating LGBTQIA+ - Guidance for Parents” will be presented by experienced licensed mental health providers Julia Bernards, PhD, LMFT, Meredith Drake, MEd, LCMHCA, and Amy Moulds, MEd, LCMHCS.

This live webinar is intended to help parents who are struggling to understand, guide, and support their children/teens as they explore diverse sexual or gender identities. We will provide basic information about child development, identity development, gender dysphoria, and the intersecting continua of gender, sex, and sexual orientation. Family acceptance  and religious challenges will be discussed, and we will suggest parenting strategies that lead to strong parent-child relationships and healthy long-term functioning. 

The ACCESSlifescapes Webinar Series hopes to use a large group environment to reach people with questions. “We want to provide the opportunity to chat with real therapists in real time at low cost,” says Practice Director Amy Moulds. “It can be hard to identify trustworthy information online, and many people would be surprised to know how common their most guarded questions actually are.”

As therapy requires financial and scheduling commitments that are not feasible for everyone, ACCESSlifescapes offers the opportunity to interact directly with licensed professionals about a range of timely psychological, psychiatric, and behavioral issues, such as school refusal, psychiatric medication, parenting LGBTQIA+ adolescents, eating disorders, etc. This secure webinar format will allow participants (who will not be visible) to receive peer support and validation in a private setting.

Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions privately when completing the online registration. Participants can ask their questions anonymously during the webinar. Registration is limited and can be accessed at https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yBPx6sMiROKPvu-5z-j-ww

Past webinar recordings are also available at our website, including webinars about school refusal and psychotropic medication. If you would like to register for the upcoming “Navigating LGBTQIA+ - Guidance for Parents” webinar, or to access the schedule of future webinar topics, please visit www.lifescapescounseling.com/accesslifescapes-webinars.

For questions about the ACCESSlifescapes Webinar Series, please call Lifescapes Counseling at 919.303.0273 or email us at [email protected]

Lifescapes Counseling Associates is an outpatient mental health practice providing professional psychiatric, psychological, and therapeutic services. Psychological evaluations, medication management, individual, couples, group, and family counseling services are available. Find us at Bradley Commons – 950 Windy Rd, Suite 305, Apex NC 27502 or at www.lifescapescounseling.com, or 919.303.0273.

Contact Information:
Amy Moulds
Practice Director
[email protected]

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