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Discovering the Magic of Leap Day with Big Blue Marble Academy

The Leading Early Childhood Educator Shares How to Explain Leap Day to Young Children

ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leap Day is a phenomenon that children, and many adults, may not fully understand but is fun to celebrate. In honor of this rare event, Big Blue Marble Academy’s education expert and VP of Curriculum and Education, Donna Whittaker, shares insights to help parents explain this unique moment to young children.

“To keep things simple for our little learners, I suggest emphasizing Leap Day as a gifted extra day in our calendar that occurs about every four years,” said Whittaker. “Parents can teach children to take advantage of the gifted extra day by trying something new, learning something new, getting creative, and thinking outside their normal mindset.”     

Tips from Donna on how to celebrate and learn about Leap Day together below:

  • Leap into Leap Day Together – Engage children in videos or books that explore the concept of Leap Day, making the phenomenon more tangible and exciting for them.
  • Learn Together – Take advantage of the extra day by learning more about something that children find interesting or trying a new game or activity that you have never done before.
  • Play Together – Play games in honor of leaping animals, like frogs, by playing games such as Leapfrog or creating jumping frogs out of paper, combining fun with educational engagement.
  • Read Together – Cuddle up and read a Leap Day-inspired book together, igniting children’s imagination and curiosity about this rare occurrence.

“At Big Blue Marble Academy, we believe in turning everyday moments into learning opportunities, and Leap Day is no exception,” emphasizes Donna Whittaker. “Through simple yet meaningful activities, parents can instill a sense of wonder and curiosity in their children, fostering a lifelong love of learning.”

Backed by a research-based, whole-child focused global curriculum, Big Blue Marble Academy has been nurturing and stimulating young minds for over a decade. For more information about Big Blue Marble Academy, please visit bbmacademy.com.

About Big Blue Marble Academy:
Big Blue Marble Academy operates 70 schools serving more than 10,000 students, providing early care, preschool, after-school care, and summer camps for children ages 6 weeks to twelve years. BBMA nurtures little minds through a robust preschool curriculum that ensures children are cognitively, socially, and emotionally prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Its emphasis on global awareness and character development teaches children invaluable lessons, growing big hearts that are ready and eager to take on the world.

SOURCE Big Blue Marble Academy

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