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Changing The Face of Mental Health in Law Enforcement

Author: Kevin P. Donaldson

#1 New Release Man You Are Crazy

I was crazy for a short time, and now I choose to use this term as a badge of honor, to say that I’ve been to hell and made it back to tell the tale.”

— Kevin P. Donaldson

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY, USA, March 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Throughout 2023 Kevin P. Donaldson was busy writing and working on a project that would forever impact mental health and first responders. The book “Man You Are Crazy” launched on February 11th, 2024, and remains #1 New Release three weeks after the launch date. It emphasizes the silent struggles men encounter with mental health. This is often overlooked or disregarded. Kevin shares very intimate details of his story to break the silence as it relates to mental health and law enforcement.

Kevin P. Donaldson, a retired law enforcement officer and local New Jersey trailblazer, takes you on a riveting journey through his true-life experiences and the trials he faced. Bearing his soul and story for all is meant for much more. The meaning behind the “Man You Are Crazy” book is to create an uncomfortable conversation and remove the taboo behind men wanting to seek mental health treatment. Kevin knew early on that he wanted to do something to help other first responders have the ability to bear their struggles without judgment. Three years ago, Kevin P. Donaldson became the Founder and host of a top 1% globally ranked podcast named The Suffering Podcast.

This was just the beginning of the path he would embark upon. A short three years later, Kevin is now a co-author to #1 New Release that is making waves globally shedding light on the unique challenges men face with mental health. Men should not feel weak, ashamed, or receive disparaging remarks simply because they want to address their mental health. This book paves the way for a conversation that is long overdue and raises awareness of the harsh realities men face in law enforcement.

This book is the beginning of Kevin’s mission to address mental health with first responders, but it also starts the conversation using the words and the true meaning behind these terms that either define different struggles many have endured or are suffering in silence. Through this book, Kevin shares the multiple suicide attempts, while enduring personal pain, as his family silently witnessed his spiraling life. Sharing these intimate details with the world is just the beginning of changing the face of mental health and mental health treatment while also destigmatizing this growing problem. It’s time to break down the barriers, erase the stigma, and create a culture of support for the mental well-being of our first responders.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/693485852/man-you-are-crazy-changing-the-face-of-mental-health-in-law-enforcement

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