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Blog Article Presents Timely Paranormal Revelations for International Leaders

Session transcript excerpts of these channelers are included in this article: (clockwise from top left) Ray Brown, Jach Pursel, Maurice Barbanell, Dante Starshine, Riz Mirza, Phyllis V. Schlemmer and JZ Knight.

Join Mark Russell Bell and Inform Others About This Momentous and Profound Information That Is Intended to Change the Present Course of Human History.

This article reports about teachings from transcendental communication transcripts of ten extensively documented paranormal case chronologies for the enlightenment of government decision-makers . . .”

— Mark Russell Bell

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, USA, March 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The evidentiary Metaphysical Articles blog post “Essential Transcendental Revelations for Leaders of Paperwork Principalities Today” offers data of profound importance to journalists, scientists and world leaders among all of humanity for the purpose of expanding each person’s consciousness about life on Earth and in the ascended realm. This article reports about teachings from transcendental communication transcripts of ten extensively documented paranormal case chronologies for the enlightenment of government decision-makers worldwide.

The article by Mark Russell Bell of www.metaphysicalarticles.org reports about what has been chronicled in nonfiction books about people who found themselves as the focus for transcendental communication representing the Ascended Realm of life. Included are Ray Brown, channeler of spiritual healing facilitator ‘Paul’; ‘Direct Voice’ medium Leslie Flint; clairaudient channelers Guy Warren Ballard and his wife Edna; Jach Pursel, channeler of ‘Lazaris’; JZ Knight, channeler of ‘Ramtha’; Spiritualist trance medium Maurice Barbanell, channeler of ‘Silver Birch’; Phyllis V. Schlemmer, the ‘deep trance medium’ or ‘channel’ for “the spokesman for the Council of Nine”; Dante Starshine, channeler for ‘The Galactic Alliance’; and Riz Mirza, who has trance-channeled numerous ‘spirit guides.’

The reason for widespread ignorance about metaphysical lessons representing the Ascended Realm of life is because throughout many decades this data has been either misreported or excluded entirely by news and information media focusing on socioeconomic agendas.

A person beginning to learn about the evidence for such subjects as transcendental communication and ‘celestial spheres on the spirit side of life’ at first might dismiss the data as merely theoretical to make sense of these facts being suppressed; however, one choosing to continue learning about this subject may soon bring the realization that each person’s state of knowledge and social consciousness will determine what data is considered relevant and advantageous by oneself.

Each one of us is perceptibly the center of one’s own universe yet—in evidentiary fact as this article shows—each human being is essentially a unit / iota / splinter / personality of the omnipresent Source Consciousness or ‘All That Is’ / the Oneness of all Spirit. Acts of violence in the world are the result of people considering only themselves without comprehending the moral truth that every other person and “everything is God,” as is mentioned by one of the ‘channeled entities’ quoted in this article.

Most people today are too absorbed in commercial mainstream news and entertainment media to find the essential data for developing a correct understanding of world events and learning what has been described by communicators of the ‘Other Side’ about the cosmology of life. One ‘channeled entity’ is quoted: “Learn to have compassion for murderers and slayers, for they have a terrible working through of emotion that they must deal with when their conquest is finished, and that often takes millenniums. The slain has a body within the next moment. The slayer never forgets.”

In addition to “Essential Transcendental Revelations for Leaders of Paperwork Principalities Today,” other recent posts at the Metaphysical Articles blog include “20 Articles with Evidence of ‘Paranormal Phenomena’ that Can Alter One’s Perceptions about Life and Cosmology,” “Established as Authentic — Paranormal Spirit Photography Gallery of Evidence” and “The Essential Purpose of Your Current Earth Life (In Review).”

As one ‘channeled entity’ has stated: “. . . you are totally responsible for the reality that you are creating, either by causing or allowing that reality creation.” This is one of the main teachings that can be observed to correlate between the discourses of transcendental communicators with each expressing in idiomatic vernacular how each human being is subject to “fundamental laws of Oneness” — another phrase quoted in this article. These laws of nature encompass karma and reincarnation. During the Spiritualism epoch, Spiritualists who participated in assemblies devoted to studying the new Divine Dispensations realized that among seven central principles that had been dispensed was the realization of the necessity for each human being to accept “Personal Responsibility” / ‘the golden rule.’

“Essential Transcendental Revelations for ‘Leaders’ of Paperwork Principalities Today” is article number 719 at the noncommercial Metaphysical Articles blog at www.metaphysicalarticles.org.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/692398600/blog-article-presents-timely-paranormal-revelations-for-international-leaders

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