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Ancient Japanese Art, Known as Oshi-e, Reinvented by Wendy Christine Duke

Photo Credit: Keely Massie/Ginkgo Branding

“Java Jive,” a small pedestal piece created by Duke in the 1980’s was a complete departure from the traditional roots of oshi-e.

The first project in Wendy’s upcoming book, created by guest artist and friend, Virginia Lloyd Davies.

Professional Artist & Teacher Publishes an Introductory How-to Book on Contemporary Oshi-e

Your book has been a revelation for us, opening up a whole new world of possibilities in fabric manipulation and artistry.”

— Amazon Publishing

FAIRFIELD, VA, USA, December 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In January of 2024 a new book, that is over 50 years in the making, is to be released through Amazon Hub. This is where the story begins.

While living in Misawa, Japan, with her new daughter and her United Stated Air Force (USAF) husband, Wendy discovered traditional oshi-e and wanted to learn how to make it. Soon, she befriended a local master teacher (Sensei) of this little-known art-craft, who shared her knowledge and expertise with Wendy.

Upon returning to the United States, Wendy found it impossible to source the beautiful kimono fabrics and designs her Sensei so generously offered, so she began to explore ways to duplicate to look and feel of the traditional methods using what she could find in local fabric stores.

Wendy began to innovate techniques and began using modern fabrics and subjects. Before long, she was being commissioned to create large pieces for hotels, banks, restaurants and corporate settings, as well as for private residences. To date, she has created over 50 original designs.

When Wendy began to teach others how to make their own oshi-e, she also began to compile her class notes. While living in Hawaii with her second husband, she began to assemble her teachings into booklets, and started using the name Contemporary Oshi-e, to distinguish this easy-to-learn and approachable art form from its’ more traditional roots. It was also there, in the early 2000’s, the name Cloud Haven Studio (CHS) was first used.

Now located in Fairfield, Virginia, CHS is the only place in the world for students to learn Contemporary Oshi-e. Duke’s fun and approachable teaching manner and her easy-to- follow instructions make leaning a joy for nearly all ages and backgrounds. Potential students will be happy to note that no drawing or sewing is involved, yet even skilled art pros will find the possibilities are nearly limitless once the basics are acquired. The first project can be completed in less than three hours!

While working with Amazon Hub’s writers and graphics teams, Wendy was told:

“Your book has been a revelation for us, opening up a whole new world of possibilities in fabric manipulation and artistry. The way you seamlessly blend the rich history of Oshi-e with contemporary techniques is genuinely commendable… Your genuine enthusiasm has ignited a fire within us, and we find ourselves eagerly exploring and experimenting with fabric in ways we never thought possible.” – Amazon Publishing

Wendy has developed several introductory online courses for those who cannot attend classes in person. She has also produced oshi-e kits and small fabric collections for use in oshi-e, offering all through her website. To get your link to purchase the book, and to learn more, go to https://www.cloudhavenstudio.com.

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